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Grow Towards Wellness


Presenteeism is a global issue.  The fact that growing numbers of the workforce are not able to be fully productive at work because of health (physical and mental) is an issue for every employer.  94% of employers recognise the need for a wellness strategy as a business imperative.  Yet, only a handful have such a strategy and that's because prior to Yealth it was difficult... 

Know your own Wellness


You can't begin to solve health issues and improve wellness until you know what the problems are and how they are impacting business performance.  The POWERup solution is unique, ”Whole Life” Wellness Psychometric software that the enables the user to understand their health via survey based questions.  They can then find support to making the changes that will improve their wellness and performance. 


Reward and Be Rewarded


Classic reward theory suggests that "people will like those other people whose behaviour is rewarding to them, or whom they associate with rewarding events."...So when your employees are willing to make changes to their health and wellness that makes a difference to the business you need to reward them to continue this behaviour.  The 'Carrot Exchange' is a fun way of delivering behaviour change.


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