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Rewarding Health Behavioural Change


Reward your employees for all of their great achievements in improving their health and productivity. 

There are plenty of stats from leading companies on the impact of employee engagement in a company. They all show a simple pattern - The healthier and happier your team is, the more productive they will be. In fact, it's common sense. If you create a brilliant working environment, your team are far more likely to stay with you. They will recommend the company to a friend. They will even go the extra mile on a project or to help a colleague to achieve their health goals out and they will be more engaged.  There are 4  simple steps...

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It only takes a minute and you'll be on your way to a healthier and happier workplace! If you have already registered, please Log In and reward your team

Add your team

It’s as easy as typing a name and e-mail address. They will then receive an invitation to The Carrot Exchange


Buy some codes (Optional)

Now that's done, it’s time to buy some codes. Reward your team for all their achievements in improving their health and productivity.

Reward your team

Send an e-card with a code on it. Your team member can Spin the Carrot to reveal their prize. They can spend this in the shop on cool stuff


Register and reward your team within 5 minutes

Be a great leader by saying Well Done when someone does something good to improve their wellbeing. Re-enforce that message by sending them an e-card too. An experience will be remembered forever and will deliver renewed motivation!

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